Cube Crash is a Facebook game by Mindjolt; in this game you complete screens of blocks by matching 3 or more adjacent blocks of the same colour. Matched blocks are removed from the board until there are no more valid moves left.

Clearing more blocks in one move will score more, but there is always a target number of cubes that are allowed to remain before the next screen; this will vary from between 40 and zero (ie. no cubes can be left).

If you fail to clear the target number of cubes, the game is over. Initially, 3 colours of blocks are used but in later levels 4 are used.

This Android application is not the Cube Crash game itself, but a tool to help you understand and develop your own strategies for the game. Simply take a picture of the board you want to solve, confirm the board has captured successfully and you can then trial different solutions yourself playing and undoing moves until you find a solution. You can also use the built-in solver, which will try and find the highest scoring move combination for the given board.

Have a look at the video to see it in action and press Next for more details on how to use the application.

This application is available from the Android Marketplace as a fee bearing version, which you can install if you are accessing this site from an Android device. If you are not quite sure yet, why not try the free 'Lite' version first to check compatibility etc, for more information on the 'Lite' version look here.

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