Press the 'Play' button to explore solutions yourself. If you have used the solver, then that solution will be carried forward into this screen for you to explore further. Touch the screen to highlight the move you want to play, or use the cursor keys for more accurate movement. Doubleclick a blank area to play a move or press the centre button. You can rewind moves by pressing the '<' button and redo moves using '>' button. The status text shows:

  • Cubes Left: the number of cubes left to reach the target
  • Moves Left: the number of moves available on the board
  • Move: x of y: as each move is played, it is added to a plan. You can rewind and replay each move so these values indicate that you are on move x of the current plan, which has a total of y moves so far.

The last line of the status shows whether the current move position represents a 'solved' board, ie. one where the cubes left count is zero.

Press Done to return the current board and plan to the Main screen where you can use the Solver if required. Alternatively, press Cancel to abandon any changes you've made to the board.




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