This Free version of the Magic Battle Android application lets you wield your phone just like a real magic wand and have real wizard battles with other people just like your favourite screen wizards!

To cast spells you wave the phone in a particular pattern, for example, an anticlockwise circle would cast a 'Heal' spell.

You will start off as an Apprentice and can progress to higher levels by interacting with ads in the offer wall.

Learn how to cast new spells in the Magic Academy. You can practice spells in the Practice Arena and then take part in a real battle by pressing 'Do Battle!' From there, you can select to battle against a variety of built-in opponents who will have their own strengths and specialities to look out for. Alternatively you can connect to another handset using bluetooth and compete with a friend!

The free version has some limited functionality. By engaging with the ads on the offer wall you can gain experience, which will allow you to progress to higher levels and more powerful spells.

This application is available from the Google Play Store as a free download. If you are accessing this site from an Android device, why not install it now.


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