There are 6 types of spell: White, Physical, Water, Air, Fire and Earth.

The diagram shows the basic principles behind magic in Magic Battle world.

Certain types of spell are opposites so Earth is opposite to Air and Fire is opposite to Water. Cast spells can be 'cancelled' or weakened by casting a spell that is diametrically opposite to the cast spell.

White and Physical are special spells that have no opposites.

White magic deals with protection and healing and Physical magic deals real physical blows that cannot be cancelled using the other types of magic; only the 'Protect' White Magic spell can defend against Physical magic.

Other White Magic spells have special behaviour as follows:

  • Heal: restore some health to the player
  • Shell: protect from Air, Water, Earth and Fire magic
  • Reflect: causes a spell to be bounced back to the caster
  • Silence: causes the opponent to be silenced so they cannot cast spells
  • Dispel: removes the Silenced status from a player.

There are 3 types of experience level in Magic Battle: Apprentice, Magician and Wizard. 

As you get more experience, as measured by experience points (XP), you will move between these levels and you will be able to learn new and more powerful spells. This will allow you to compete with the more powerful built-in opponents. 

When competing you will have health points (HP) and magic points (MP). The HP and MP points you start with is determined by your experience level - the more experience you gain the stronger you become and the more HP and MP you will have.

When you are damaged by your opponents spells, your HP will be reduced. If it reduces to zero you will be defeated and you will have lost the battle. When you cast spells you will use magic and your MP points will be reduced. When you run out of magic you will not be able to cast but magic does gradually regenerate over time.

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