Use this screen to specify the parameters for the Harp.


  • The Instrument option will allow you to choice the Instrument (eg. Piano) the Harp will play once activated.
  • The Chord options will determine the type of chord the Harp will play based on the particular hand movement - eg. By default, sweeping your hand in from the top will set the Harp to play Major chords.
  • The Play Tone checkbox will help you learn the correct hand movement by playing a tone when a chord is changed - switch off when you are proficient.
  • The Enable Preview option will control whether the preview image is displayed while you play - not usually required as the preview window will be face down.
  • The Show Graphs option will show how the app sees the zones and how it detects hand movement and position.
    Note Delay is this time in milliseconds the app will wait between playing notes.
  • Concurrent Notes - the number of sounds or notes that will be played concurrently - more notes bigger - sounds!
  • Calibration Delay - the time in seconds between pressing the green button and the app performing its calibration; this gives you time to position the phone correctly.
  • The Sensitivity Setting controls the sensitivity of the device to chord changes so modify to match your device and playing style.

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